I Give It a Year

A British romantic comedy from the writer of "Borat" and "Bruno", "I Give It a Year" sees a pair of newlyweds begin to suspect that they've made the wrong choice. Nine months after the wedding that all their friends thought wasn't such a great idea, Nat (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Rafe Spall) are beginning to recognise that perhaps the naysayers were right after all. But as they both agree to try and make a go of it, neither wanting to be the one to admit defeat, Nat begins to fall for the charms of Guy (Simon Baker), one of her clients, whilst Josh realises that he still has the hots for his ex, Chloe (Anna Faris).

Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy Romance, Romance
Country: UK
Director: Dan Mazer
Starring: Jason Flemyng, Minnie Driver, Rose Byrne, Simon Baker, Anna Faris, Stephen Merchant, Olivia Colman, Rafe Spall
Duration: 97 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Sex scenes, sexual content and offensive language
Location in store: Comedy Romance



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