Winter of Our Dreams

Rob McGregor (Bryan Brown) is the charismatic owner of a popular Paddington bookshop living an open marriage with his academic wife Gretel (Cathy Downes), still holding onto the 60s spirit of 'free love'. While Gretel is pursuing an affair, Rob learns of the death of Lisa Blaine, a friend from the days they were both student activists more than a decade earlier. While seeking the reasons behind Lisa's suicide, Rob comes in contact with her friend Lou (Judy Davis), a prostitute and heroin user wrestling with her own personal demons.

Year: 1981
Genre: Drama, Australian Film
Country: Australia
Director: John Duigan
Starring: Bryan Brown, Judy Davis, Baz Luhrmann, Cathy Downes
Duration: 86 Minutes
Rating: R16
Location in store: Australian Film



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