Beyond the Hills

When twenty-something Alina (Cristina Flutur) arrives in Moldavia to remove her childhood friend Voichita (Cosmina Stratan) from an Orthodox nunnery, she doesn't reckon on the unyielding force of religion. Behind the bare convent walls the devout Voichita's choice of God over Alina brings their relationship to a physical and moral crisis. His first feature since the Palme d'Or winning "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days", gifted Romanian director Cristian Mungiu's unsettling psychological drama won the Best Screenplay award at Cannes and draws excellent performances from his first-time lead actors, who shared the Best Actress gong at Cannes.

Year: 2012
Genre: Drama, Eastern European Cinema
Country: Belgium, France, Romania
Director: Cristian Mungiu
Starring: Cosmina Stratan, Cristina Flutur, Valeriu Andriuta, Dana Tapalaga
Duration: 145 Minutes
Rating: M - Offensive language and content that may disturb
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (Eastern Europe)



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