Starred Up

Vastly enjoyable prison drama starring Jack O'Connell as Eric Love, an 18-year-old inmate moved up to full blown prison after being too violent and volatile to remain in his young offenders' institution. Immediately getting into trouble with the powers that be, Eric must learn he can no longer do as he pleases and that there will be deadly consequences for his actions. By chance he has been placed on the same wing as his dad Neville (Ben Mendelsohn), a man he barely knows. As Nev attempts to keep an eye on Eric and keep him out of trouble, this late show of paternal interest just proves to further antagonise him, and its only when working with guidance counsellor Oliver (Rupert Friend) and his supportive group that Eric begins to keep a rein on his temper.

Year: 2013
Genre: Drama, Time in Prison
Country: UK
Director: David Mackenzie
Starring: Ben Mendelsohn, Rupert Friend, Jack O'Connell
Duration: 101 Minutes
Rating: R18 - Graphic violence and offensive language
Location in store: Drama



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