Jonathan Creek: Series 5

Jonathan Creek may have left his windmill and the world of professional magic behind, but as he settles down for what ought to be a quiet married life, there are still plenty of bizarre mysteries to tax his unique deductive powers. In the first of three new episodes, as he and his beautiful wife Polly leave the city to move into her deceased parents' sprawling old house in the country, the dust has barely settled when Creek is called upon to investigate a brutal and baffling murder attempt in a West End London theatre. The leading actress in a spooky Gothic musical has been found stabbed, unconscious, and left for dead in an empty dressing room from which no assailant could possibly have escaped. But just as challenging are a number of other ghostly events that begin to occur in the village where Creek and Polly have now made their home - and which in the weeks to come will provide yet more classic puzzles for the lateral-thinking detective to unravel.

Year: 2014
Genre: TV Drama, Television Shows, TV Thrillers
Country: UK
Starring: Alan Davies, Sarah Alexander
Duration: 174 Minutes
Rating: M - Violence and sex scenes
Location in store: Thriller (TV)



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