Scream of Fear

Aka 'Taste of Fear'. The wheelchair-ridden Penny Appleby arrives in France to join her father whom she has not seen in ten years. She meets her stepmother Jane who explains that her father is away for a few days. As she settles into the villa, Penny has a series of mysterious experiences, including seeing her fathers body in the summerhouse and indications that he is around, although nothing can be found when she calls the others. She is helped by the friendly chauffeur Robert, the two of them later becoming attracted. Together they piece together that Jane appears to have killed her father and is now trying to drive Penny insane so that she can claim the inheritance. Richard Scheib-

Year: 1961
Genre: Horror Movies, Hammer Films
Country: UK
Director: Seth Holt
Starring: Ann Todd, Christopher Lee, Ronald Lewis, Susan Strasberg
Duration: 82 Minutes
Rating: M - Violence and horror
Location in store: Horror



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