You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (Blu-ray)

A bittersweet comedy drama from Woody Allen, "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" is set in contemporary London, where 60-something Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) leaves his wife Helena (Gemma Jones) for Charmaine (Lucy Punch), a blonde prostitute half his age. Devastated, Helena seeks comfort from Cristal (Pauline Collins), a fortune teller recommended by Helena's daughter, Sally (Naomi Watts). Meanwhile Sally, who is in an unhappy relationship with one-time successful novelist Roy (Josh Brolin), fantasises about Greg (Antonio Banderas), the owner of the art gallery where she works, who in turn is infatuated with beautiful young painter Iris (Anna Friel).

Year: 2010
Genre: Comedy, Comedy Romance, Romance, Blu-ray Discs
Country: Spain, USA
Director: Woody Allen
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, Gemma Jones, Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts, Freida Pinto, Lucy Punch
Duration: 94 Minutes
Rating: M - Offensive language and sexual references
Location in store: Comedy Romance (Woody Allen)



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