The Best of Ealing Studios Collection: The Ladykillers / Kind Hearts and Coronets / The Man in the White Suit / The Lavender Hill Mob

A Box Set collection from the acclaimed Ealing Studios. 'The Ladykillers' 1955 - This outrageous caper farce stars Alec Guinness as the criminal mastermind who has his multi-million pound heist threatened by the constant presence of his elderly landlady. Co-starring Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom. 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' 1949 - Alec Guiness stars in this superb black comedy about a man who ruthlessly eliminates eight of his relatives in order to inherit a title and stately home. Based on an obscure Edwardian novel, 'Israel Rank' by Roy Horniman. 'The Man in the White Suit' 1951 - Hapless inventor Alec Guinness creates an indestructible fabric that resists all stains and tears. He attempts to market his find, only to run afoul of both clothing industry moguls and garment workers' union officials. 'The Lavender Hill Mob' 1951 - This Oscar winning comedy stars Alec Guinness as a timid bank clerk who hatches a scheme for stealing a fortune in bullion, melting the gold down and disguising it as miniature Eiffel Tower souvenirs. Co-stars Stanley Holloway and Sidney James. 'Passport To Pimlico' 1949 - Residents of a part of London declare independence when they discover an old treaty. This leads to the need for a "Passport to Pimlico".

Year: 1949
Genre: Classic Comedy, Deluxe Box Sets, Classic Cinema
Country: UK
Director: Alexander Mackendrick, Charles Crichton, Robert Hamer, Henry Cornelius
Starring: H. Marion Crawford , Michael Gough, Joan Greenwood, Alec Guinness, Valerie Hobson, Frankie Howerd, Duncan Lamont, Herbert Lom, Cecil Parker, Dennis Price, Peter Sellers, Jack Warner, Stanley Holloway, Sid James, Barbara Murray
Duration: 430 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: Classic Comedy
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Box Set

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