The Apple

Based on a true incident and using the family involved, this unique film tells a bizarre but engaging story. In Tehran, two twin daughters live as virtual prisoners of their poor father and blind mother, locked behind bars for all of their 12 years. The father's argument is that: "My daughters are like flowers. They mustn't be exposed to the sun or they will soon fade. . ." A social worker tries to persuade the father to give them the freedom to explore the world beyond the gates of their home.

Year: 1998
Genre: Foreign Language Films, African & Middle Eastern
Country: Iran
Director: Samira Makhmalbaf
Starring: Massoumeh Naderi, Zahra Naderi, Azizeh Mohamadi
Duration: 84 Minutes
Rating: PG
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (Africa & Middle East)
This DVD requires a multi-zone DVD player



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