49th Parallel

A powerful and important piece of World War 2 propaganda, which controversially was filmed from the point of view of a group of German soldiers. Asked to make a flag waver by the Ministry of Information, the brilliantly gifted film-making team of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger elected to set the action in Canada. The film features a stellar cast, who all waived their fees in the interests of the war. A Nazi U-boat is sunk by the Canadian Air Force and all the crew are lost except six men who had been sent ashore before the attack. They stumble across an Eskimo village where Scott, Peter and his Eskimo servant, Nick live. The Allies send an S.O.S. plane, and it is the intention of the Nazis to hijack it and fly to neutral America. Leslie Howard, Ramond Massey and Laurence Olivier star.

Year: 1941
Genre: War and Anti-War Films
Country: UK
Director: Michael Powell
Starring: Leslie Howard, Eric Portman, Anton Walbrook, Laurence Olivier, Raymond Massey
Duration: 123 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: War



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