Pather Panchali ( Apu Trilogy Part 1 )

A boy named Apu is born to a poor but proud Brahmin family. His loving older sister, Durga, is a sweet girl, but has formed the bad habit of stealing fruit from an aunt's orchard, much to her mother's dismay. Their father Harihar, a poet and lay priest, finds a treasury job that will bring the family steady income for the first time in a while. For a brief period afterwards, their mother Sarbajaya manages to make ends meet, and the children are left to their own devices and run freely. But when Harihar loses his position, he leaves his family with depleted resources to search elsewhere for work. In his absence, their condition deteriorates. Months later, Harihar returns to face the tragedy that forces them to leave their ancestral home. This acclaimed debut by Satyajit Ray is the first part of a trilogy ('The Apu Trilogy') of poetic, lyrical works. Followed by 'Aparajito' and 'The World of Apu'.

Year: 1955
Genre: Alice's 500 Greatest Films, Indian & Tibetan Cinema, Best of the 1950s, Time Mag's 100 Best, Movies (1001 You Must See Before You Die)
Country: India
Director: Satyajit Ray
Starring: Kanu Banerji, Karuna Banerji, Subir Banerji
Duration: 120 Minutes
Rating: G
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Alice's 500 Greatest Films



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