The Storm Riders

The evil Lord Conquer (Sonny Chiba) is close to becoming the most powerful Warlord in the world but to do so he must defeat the holy Sword Saint (Anthony Wong); this ultimate battle is prophesized to take place in ten years but Lord Conquer's servant, Mud Buddah, says that he can make himself invincible if he can make two children, Wind (Ekin Cheng) and Cloud (Aaron Kwok) into his disciples. Ten years layer, Wind and Cloud are highly-skilled martial arts masters and lead Lord Conquer's armies, sweeping all before them, but Conquer learns that the powerful pair will either join or destroy him in the final battle. When Sword Saint returns, Wind and Cloud must choose their sides in the greatest battle of all! Followed a decade later by 'The Storm Warriors'.

Year: 1998
Genre: Hong Kong Cinema, Fantasy Films, Action
Country: Hong Kong
Director: Andrew Lau Wai Keung
Starring: Aaron Kwok, Ekin Cheng, Michael Tse, Sonny Chiba, Shu Qi
Duration: 127 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains medium level violence.
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (Hong Kong)



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