When Father Was Away on Business

Celebrated Balkan filmmaker Emir Kusturica won his first Palme d'Or, the Cannes Film Festival's highest honour, for this exuberant portrait of 1950s Yugoslavia, as seen through the eyes of six-year-old Malik. As the country resists the pressures of Stalinism, many find themselves taken away 'on business' by the police for making imprudent statements against the government. But Malik's father Manojlovic finds himself imprisoned for an altogether less noble reason when his affair with the mistress of a high-ranking party official is discovered. Naively believing his Papa to be away on business, Malik must face up to life's sometimes poignant, often comic tribulations without him.

Year: 1985
Genre: Foreign Language Films, Eastern European Cinema, Cannes - Palme d'Or, Film Festivals 1986, Black Humour
Country: Serbia (Yugoslavia)
Director: Emir Kusturica
Starring: Moreno D'e Bartolli, Miki Manojlovic
Duration: 129 Minutes
Rating: R13
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (Eastern Europe)
This DVD requires a multi-zone DVD player



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