Tarzan: 3 More Classic Adventures

A further three classic Tarzan adventures from the Johnny Weissmuller years collected on one DVD! 'Tarzan and the Mermaids' (1948) has a high priest trying to force a young girl to marry an evil pearl trader who is posing as a god. This was Johnny's 12th and final appearance as Tarzan. 'Tarzan and the Leopard Woman' (1946) has Tarzan fighting an African tribe devoted to the leopard cult dedicated to preventing civilisation from moving further into Africa, after they attack a caravan as well as Jane and Boy. 'Tarzan and the Amazons' (1945) has a group of archaeologists ask Tarzan to help them find an ancient city in a hidden valley of women. Tarzan refuses, but Boy is tricked into doing the job.

Year: 1948
Genre: Drama, Classic Drama, Fantasy Films, Classic Adventure, Action, Classic Cinema
Country: USA
Director: Kurt Neumann, Robert Florey
Starring: Johnny Weissmuller, Brenda Joyce, Johnny Sheffield
Duration: 224 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: Classic Adventure



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