Love and Sex

Kate Wells is a beautiful magazine writer who turns to her own life for inspiration when she is given an impossible assignment. Within twenty-four hours, Kate must write a single woman's guide to love and sex. A stranger to both since her break-up with Adam Levy, Kate conducts her research by recalling her many calamitous relationships with men, beginning with her first kiss. But Adam's the man who seems to have the most impact on her life, even though he doesn't look, or behave, like a typical Prince Charming. But is it too late for togetherness?

Year: 2000
Genre: Comedy Romance, Romance
Country: USA
Director: Valerie Breiman
Starring: Famke Janssen, Jon Favreau, Noah Emmerich, Cheri Oteri, Ann Magnuson
Duration: 82 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains offensive language and sexual references.
Location in store: Comedy Romance



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