The Heroic Ones (1970)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: David Chiang, Chin Han, Ti Lung

Towards the end of the Tang dynasty, Li Ke-yung, ruler of Sha To State, and his thirteen sons, set out to suppress rebels that capture the Imperial ca... Read more

The Trail of the Broken Blade (1967)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: Chin Ping, Jimmy Wang Yu

Chivalrous swordsman Jun-zhao (Kiu Chong) goes in search of a fugitive named Li Yueh (Jimmy Wang Yu) in order to reunite him with his love, Liu Xian (... Read more

Duel of Fists (1971)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: David Chiang, Ti Lung, Ching Li, Liu Lan-ying

Two men, one a businessman skilled in Kung Fu, the other a kickboxer, discover they are brothers, and together, both in and out of the ring, they must... Read more

Heroes Two (1974)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: Chen Kuan-tai, Alexander Fu Sheng

With Shaolin Temple reduced to ashes by Ching troops, Hung Hsi-kuan and Fang Shih-yu (or Fong Sai-yuk) wander the countryside separately, trying to ev... Read more

Two Champions of Shaolin (1978)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: Lo Meng, Wang Li

During the Ching Dynasty, there were two renowned martial-arts clans, Shaolin and Wutang. Shaolin, being anti-Ching, was in constant conflict with the... Read more

Together With You (2002)

Director: Kaige Chen

A violin prodigy and his father travel to Beijing, where the father seeks the means to his son's success while the son struggles to accept the path la... Read more

Sacrifice (2010)

Director: Chen Kaige
Starring: Ge You, Wang Xueqi, Zhang Fengyi

A powerful General (Wang Xueqi) at the court of Duke Ling decides to seize the throne by murdering the Duke and pinning the crime on his rivals, the d... Read more

Monga: Gangs of Taipei (2010)

Director: Doze Niu Chen-Zer
Starring: Ethan Juan, Mark Chao, Ma Ju-Lung, Rhydian Vaughan

Set in 1980s Taiwan, after the end of military dictatorship, "Monga" centers around the troubled lives of five boys coming of age together. When 17-ye... Read more

The 5 Deadly Venoms (1978)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: Lung Wei Wang, Philip Kwok

One of the loopiest kung-fu movies ever made, a garish masterpiece of martial arts kitsch by the hard-boiled master of the genre, Chang Cheh. The five... Read more

The Message (2009)

Director: Qunshu Gao, Kuo-fu Chen
Starring: Xiaoming Huang, Dahong Ni, Wang Zhiwen, Zhang Hanyu

1942, Nanking: following a series of assassination attempts on Japanese officials, the spy chief collects those suspected of the attempted-sabotage in... Read more

Bodyguards and Assassins (2009)

Director: Teddy Chen
Starring: Donnie Yen, Hu Jun, Leon Lai, Nicholas Tse, Simon Yam, Wang Xueqi, Eric Tsang, B...

1906, City of Victoria (British Colony of Hong Kong). In five hours, in the distance of thirteen blocks, the one man who holds a nation's fate must su... Read more

The Promise (2005)

Director: Chen Kaige
Starring: Cecilia Cheung, Hiroyuki Sanada, Nicholas Tse, Dong-kun Jang, Liu Ye, Chen Hong

From the director of 'Farewell My Concubine' comes this visually stunning tale of passion, set in China's mythical past, that unfolds against a backdr... Read more

Dark Matter (2007)

Director: Chen Shi-Zheng
Starring: Liu Ye, Aidan Quinn, Meryl Streep

Inspired by a true story and delving into the world of Liu Xing, a Chinese science student of genius and vision, who comes to the U.S. in pursuit of h... Read more

The One-Armed Swordsman (1967)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: Jimmy Wang Yu, Chiao Chiao, Huang Tsung-shun

One of the classics of martial arts cinema, this is often referred to as the first real martial arts film, focusing as it does on techniques and style... Read more

The Assassin (1967)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: Jimmy Wang Yu, Chiao Chiao, Tien Feng, Li Hsiang-chun, Huang Tsung-shun

In this character-driven, kung-fu classic from the world famous Shaw Brothers Studios, Jimmy Wang Yu stars as Nieh Chen, a champion sword-fighter forc... Read more

All Men Are Brothers (1975)

Director: Chang Cheh, Wu Ma
Starring: David Chiang, Ti Lung, Chen Kuan-tai, Betty Chung Ling-Ling

The long-awaited sequel to "The Water Margin" finds the perennial cast of kung-fu favourites on another epic adventure, this time attempting to scale... Read more

The Water Margin (1972)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: David Chiang, Ti Lung, Lily Ho, Feng Chin

There are martial art epics and "brotherhood hero" films, but then there is nothing out there that comes even close to "The Water Margin". Based on th... Read more

Together (2002)

Director: Chen Kaige
Starring: Tang Yun, Liu Peiqi, Chen Hong, Wang Zhiwen, Chen Kaige

Moving drama from director Chen Kaige ("Farewell My Concubine") centers on a 13-year-old violin prodigy whose father takes him from their small provin... Read more

Killing Me Softly (2001)

Director: Chen Kaige
Starring: Joseph Fiennes, Heather Graham, Natascha McElhone, Ulrich Thomsen, Ian Hart

A chance encounter on a London street corner draws American Heather Graham to handsome mountain climbing buff Joseph Fiennes, and she leaves her boyfr... Read more

Double Vision (2002)

Director: Chen Kuo Fu
Starring: Tony Leung (Ka Fai), David Morse, Rene Liu, Dai Li Zen

How do you explain the unexplainable? A wealthy Taiwanese businessman is discovered frozen to death at the desk of his penthouse office. A government... Read more

The Accidental Spy (2001)

Director: Teddy Chen
Starring: Jackie Chan, Wu Hsing Kuo, Eric Tsang

Considered the most expensive film in Hong Kong cinematic history, this exciting actioner finds fitness equipment salesman Jackie Chan being recruited... Read more

Autumn in New York (2000)

Director: Joan Chen
Starring: Richard Gere, Winona Ryder, Anthony LaPaglia

This old-fashioned romantic weepie stars Richard Gere as a womanising, middle-aged restaurant owner who gets involved with Winona Ryder, a young desig... Read more

The Emperor and the Assassin (1999)

Director: Chen Kaige
Starring: Gong Li, Zhang Fengyi, Li Xuejian, Sun Zhou, Lu Xiaohe, Wang Zhiwen

This lavishly produced, epic historical drama is set in the third century B.C. and tells the multi-faceted story of the man who became the first Emper... Read more

If These Walls Could Talk (1996)

Director: Cher , Nancy Savoca
Starring: Anne Heche, Cher , Demi Moore, Sissy Spacek

Three different stories of women faced with unwanted pregnancies are the focus of this powerful film. In 1952 Demi Moore is a recently widowed nurse i... Read more

Temptress Moon (1996)

Director: Chen Kaige
Starring: Leslie Cheung, Gong Li, Kevin Lin, He Saifei

1920's Shanghai is displayed in all it's decadence with opium-addicted Ruyi (Gong Li) forced to officially head the Pang family after the death of the... Read more

Invincible Shaolin (1978)

Director: Chang Cheh
Starring: Lung Wei Wang, Kuo Chui, Wei Pei, Lo Meng

A non-stop action Kung Fu classic of betrayal and violent retribution, this film delivers outrageous Shaw Brothers' martial arts mayhem at it's best.... Read more

Farewell My Concubine (1993)

Director: Chen Kaige
Starring: Leslie Cheung, Zhang Fengyi, Gong Li, Lu Qi, Ying Da

A sumptuously detailed panorama of Chinese history as seen through the eyes of two male stars of the Chinese Opera. Joint winner (with 'The Piano') of... Read more

The 3 Worlds Of Gulliver (1960)

Director: Jack Sher
Starring: Kerwin Mathews, Jo Morrow, June Thorburn, Peter Bull

The Spellbinding Adventures Of "Gulliver's Travels" are transformed into three-dimensional reality in this live-action adaptation of Jonathan Swift's... Read more

Snake and Crane Arts Of Shaolin (1974)

Director: Chen Chi Hwa
Starring: Jackie Chan, Nora Miao, Kum Kong, Liu Ya Ying

Jackie Chan stars as a young warrior suspected of stealing a book of instructions for the unbeatable technique of the 'art of Snake and Crane'. He cla... Read more

Shaolin Wooden Men (1980)

Director: Chen Chi-hwa
Starring: Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan witnesses his father's death by the skilled hands of a martial arts master with an unknown killing technique, After being chump of a Shaol... Read more

The Big Hit (1998)

Director: Che-kirk Wong
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christina Applegate, Avery Brooks

This unique action-comedy with Hong Kong flavours stars Mark Wahlberg as an expert hit man who is beset by insecurity, a confusing romantic life and a... Read more

The Big Hit (Blu-ray) (1998)

Director: Che-kirk Wong
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Christina Applegate, Avery Brooks

This unique action-comedy with Hong Kong flavours stars Mark Wahlberg as an expert hit man who is beset by insecurity, a confusing romantic life and a... Read more