Short Film Festival

A collection of short films made around the world by a variety of directors. Many short films act as a starting point for new directors and some are regarded as classics in their own right. Many Kiwi shorts are featured here as well as anthology films with multiple directors ("Aria", "Tube Tales", "11'09"01 - September 11"). There are avant-garde films from Kenneth Anger and early works from Martin Scorsese, Jane Campion and Werner Herzog. In all a most interesting assemblage of this cinematic mini art form.

Halo Legends ( Blu-ray ) (2010)

Director: Shinji Aramaki, Hideki Futamura

This sweeping science-fiction saga delves into the rich Halo universe with seven exciting stories (told in eight parts) focused on Master Chief's myst... Read more

Hardware Wars (1978)

Director: Ernie Fossellus

Follow the adventures of Fluke Starbucker, Arty Deco, Ham Salad and the rest of the Red Eye Knights in this spectacle that was light years ahead of it... Read more

Kwaidan (1964)

Director: Masaki Kobayashi
Starring: Keiko Kishi, Tatsuya Nakadai, Kazuo Nakamura

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Cannes, Masaki Kobayashi's 'Kwaidan' features four nightmarish tales adapted from Lafcadio Hearn's classic Japanes... Read more

Loop Select 005 (2003)

Director: Robert Sarkies, Robin Walters, Taika Waititi, Patrick Gillies, Michael Duignan, James Cunningham, Chris Graham, Mike Bridgman, Aaron Beck, Mikee Tucker, Jack Tucker, Ned Wenlock, James Barr, Peter Kostandelos, Edward Davis

This exciting compilation of New Zealand's creative culture, brings a wealth of local talent together to celebrate the amazing artistic endeavours tha... Read more

Loop Select 006 (2004)

Director: Adam Stevens, Brian Challis, Steve Ayson, Simon Otto, Tom Reilly, Peter Tonks

This compilation contains a visual basket full of creative content from Aotearoa. Showcasing a collection of 6 music videos and 6 NZ short films inclu... Read more

Loop Select 007 (2006)

This compliation features a selection of the most progressive new audio-visual content from New Zealand, and around the world. Featuring 9 acclaimed... Read more

Loop Select 009 (2010)


Another basket full to the megabyte max of conscious content. Music, short films, motion graphics, music videos and live concerts. The package feat... Read more

Lost and Found (2008)

Director: Philip Hunt
Starring: Jim Broadbent, Narrated by

Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin at his door... he didn't know where it came from or who it belonged to. The penguin looked sad and... Read more

Lotte Reiniger - The Fairy Tale Films (2009)

Director: Lotte Reiniger

Lotte Reiniger has the distinction of creating the very first feature animation, her enthralling The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926), an epic silho... Read more

Mad Love: Twilight of a Woman's Soul (1913) / After Death (1915) / The Dying Swan (1916)

Director: Evgenii Bauer

The films of Russian cinema pioneer Evgenii Bauer were thought to be lost until the dying days of the Soviet regime when 20 of his 80 films were recov... Read more