General Docos

Under General Documentaries be all those diverse subjects that are not about Filmmaking, Sport, War, Natural History, Queer Doco's, New Zealand Doco's or Art on Film. This is a fascinating area to scroll....

And the Pursuit of Happiness (1986)

Director: Louis Malle
Starring: Louis Malle

For a period of about three months in 1986, celebrated French director Louis Malle grabbed his camera and took a tour of immigrant communities and ref... Read more

Andy Warhol's Factory People (2008)

Director: Catherine Schorr O'Sullivan
Starring: Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Mary Woronov, Billy Name

In 1964, Andy Warhol took up residence in an abandoned hat factory in Manhattan's East Side and turned it into a hotbed of music, art, filmmaking and... Read more

Animals: Friend or Food? (2005)

Director: Jason Young

For most of man's time on earth, we killed what we ate. With the rise of cities, we left the butchering to professionals, but after trading his home i... Read more

Ans Westra: Private Journeys / Public Signposts (2006)

Director: Luit Bieringa
Starring: Ans Westra

This insightful documentary features the work of acclaimed photographer Ans Westra, whose photographs of New Zealanders constitute a uniquely expressi... Read more

Antarctica: A Year On Ice (2013)

Director: Anthony Powell

Filmed over 10 years, Frozen Planet photographer Anthony Powell presents a visually stunning and deeply personal chronicle of what it is like to live... Read more

Antonio Gaudi (1984)

Director: Hiroshi Teshigahara

'Antonio Gaudi' is a spellbinding visual journey through the enchanted world of the great Spanish architect whose work influenced Picasso, Miro and Da... Read more

Anvil! The Story of Anvil (2008)

Director: Sacha Gervasi
Starring: Robb Reiner, Steve 'Lips' Kudlow

At 14, school friends Steve "Lips" Kudlow and Robb Reiner made a pact to rock together forever. Their band, Anvil, went on to become the demigods o... Read more

Apollo 9: Spider Takes Flight (2004)

The Apollo 9 was the first crewed flight of the Lunar Module and was conducted to qualify the module for lunar operations. Approximately 70 hours into... Read more

Architectures 2 (2001)

Director: Frederic Compain, Richard Copans, Stan Neumann, Catherine Adda

A series devoted to the most ambitious architectural creations of the 19th and 20th century, consisting of remarkable archive material, scale-models,... Read more

Architectures 4 (2004)

Director: Stan Neumann

This fascinating journey inside architecture features The Royal Saltworks of Arc-et-Senans, La Maison de Verre, The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, Jean... Read more