General Docos

Under General Documentaries be all those diverse subjects that are not about Filmmaking, Sport, War, Natural History, Queer Doco's, New Zealand Doco's or Art on Film. This is a fascinating area to scroll....

Today's Russia: A Literary Landscape with Stephen Fry (2013)

Starring: Stephen Fry

Literary gadabout Stephen Fry examines how Russian literature has changed and influenced the written word. Stephen Fry introduces this film with the s... Read more

Touch the Sound: A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glennie (2004)

Director: Thomas Riedelsheimer
Starring: Evelyn Glennie

Gracefully guided by Grammy Award-winning and nearly-deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie, this groundbreaking film opens the door to a world where sigh... Read more

Touching the Void (2003)

Director: Kevin Macdonald
Starring: Nicholas Aaron, Richard Hawking, Joe Simpson, Simon Yates

The remarkable true story of mountain climbers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates is the focus of this harrowing docudrama. In 1985, the fearless pair sets o... Read more

Transformers (1996)

Director: Shirley Horrocks

The most popular exhibition of contemporary art ever held in New Zealand was this international survey of artworks that transform themselves, or their... Read more

Trashed (2007)

Director: Derek Boonstra

A provocative investigation of one of the fastest growing industries in North America. The garbage business. Analyzing the causes and effects of the... Read more

Trouble is My Business (2008)

Director: Juliette Veber

The inspirational story of Peachy (that's Mr Peach, to you), an unconventional but determined-as-hell teacher in a tough South Auckland school. When... Read more

Truth, Lies and Intelligence (2005)

Director: Carmel Travers

Directed by award-winning Australian filmmaker Carmel Travers, this insightful documentary is a decisive and compelling exploration of the intelligenc... Read more

Tuna Wranglers (2007)

Director: Mark Strickson

It takes a certain kind of person to willingly jump into a tuna pen 120 miles offshore, wrestle deadly sharks out with their bare hands and live to te... Read more

Tupac: Resurrection (2003)

Director: Lauren Lazin
Starring: Tupac Shakur

The influential career and tragic death of Tupac Shakur is explored in this absorbing and comprehensive documentary focusing on the slain rap visionar... Read more

TV Junkie (2006)

Director: Michael Cain, Matt Radecki
Starring: Rick Kirkham, etc ...

At age 14, Rick Kirkham got his first video camera, and began documenting his life. He quickly rose through the television ranks to become a correspo... Read more