Film On Film

Film on Film is all about making movies. Who makes them, how they make them, who's in them...and how did all this crazy light fantastic get started? This is a great section for anyone interested film, it's beginnings, it's personalities, it's ups and downs and it's future. Look behind the red velvet curtain and discover the machine behind the screen. Pictured: The tumultous life of film maker Ed Wood is explored in 'Ed Wood: Look Back in Angora'

Tobe Hooper Collection: Eaten Alive (1977) / Spontaneous Combustion (1980) / The American Nightmare (2000)

Director: Tobe Hooper
Starring: Neville Brand, Mel Ferrer, Carolyn Jones, Brad Dourif, Melinda Dillon, Cynthia B...

This collection of films from legendary horror director Tobe Hooper includes: 'Eaten Alive' - In Hooper's Hollywood debut film, Neville Brand cuts a... Read more

Top Fighter (1994)

Director: Toby Russell
Starring: Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Ron Van Cleef

An action-packed study of some of the top exponents of the martial arts on screen. Through exclusive interviews, the secret of Bruce Lee's art of Jeet... Read more

Trekkies (1997)

Director: Roger Nygard
Starring: Denise Crosby, Leonard Nimoy, Brent Spiner

This documentary boldy goes where no film has gone before, focusing on the most extreme fans in the universe: "Star Trek" fans. Host Denise Crosby int... Read more

Trekkies 2 (2004)

Director: Roger Nygard
Starring: Denise Crosby

In this sequel to "Trekkies", the filmmakers visit "Star Trek" fans all over the world, including the Spock of Germany, an Englishman who transformed... Read more

Trumbo (2007)

Director: Peter Askin
Starring: Nathan Lane, Paul Giamatti, Brian Dennehy, Donald Sutherland, Liam Neeson, Micha...

Legendary Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo ('Roman Holiday', 'Spartacus') was the most well-known member of the Hollywood 10 who famously defied M... Read more

Two in the Wave (2009)

Director: Emmanuel Laurent
Starring: Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut

The two are Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut, friends and writers for the magazine Cahiers du Cinema, whose films "Breathless" and "The 400 Blows... Read more

Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography (1992)

Director: Arnold Glassman, Stuart Samuels, Todd McCarthy
Starring: Haskell Wexler, Vittorio Storaro, Michael Chapman

A fascinating tribute to the art of the cinematographer, from the silent era via the revolutionary deep focus of 'Citizen Kane' to some of the more ex... Read more

Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes (1998)

Director: Alan Smithee, Cass Paley

Porn has had its fair share of superstars but none were bigger in every sense than John Holmes. He was in Los Angeles in 1969 when the censorship wall... Read more

Walt Disney: His Life and Legacy (2015)

Director: Sarah Colt

Walt Disney was uniquely adept at art as well as commerce, a master filmmaker who harnessed the power of technology and storytelling. This new film ex... Read more

We Remember Marilyn (2000)

Starring: Marilyn Monroe

A two-part examination of the fabled princess of Hollywood, capturing Marilyn Monroe's life as the troubled Norma Jean as well as her spectacular rise... Read more