The American West has always fascinated movie goers, even though much of the Old West never was. Russian nobility toured, eccentric Englishwomen toured, and authors wrote wild stories that seeped into the minds of us all. Gunslingers, cattle rustlers and savage Indians are part of the myth. Other iconic elements include the hanging tree, stetsons amd spurs, lassos and Colt 45s, stagecoaches, gamblers, long-horned cattle and cattle drives, prostitutes (or madams) with a heart of gold, and more. Alice's Westerns, or Cowboy Films are listed alphabetically below, be sure to check out 'Spaghetti Westerns' sub-featured in green on the left, and 'TV Westerns' under 'Television Shows'.

Westworld: Season 2 (2018)

Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Evan...

Welcome back to Westworld, the Emmy-winning drama series where the puppet show is over and the newly liberated hosts are coming for humankind. In Seas... Read more

When the Daltons Rode (1940) / The Texans (1938)

Director: George Marshall
Starring: Randolph Scott, Brian Donlevy, Broderick Crawford

'When the Daltons Rode' - Whoopie-yi-ti-yo! Here's a fine sagebrush saga about the legendary Dalton gang, a group of siblings whose dealings with croo... Read more

Whispering Smith (1948)

Director: Leslie Fenton
Starring: Alan Ladd, Brenda Marshall, Donald Crisp, Fay Holden, Robert Preston, William De...

Luke "Whispering" Smith (Alan Ladd) is a by-the-book, no-nonsense railroad detective who learns his friend, Murray Sinclair (Robert Preston), has been... Read more

White Comanche (1968)

Director: Jose Britz
Starring: Joseph Cotten, Rosanna Yanni, William Shatner

AKA: "Hour of Vengeance," "Rio Hondo." Filmed in Spain during a hiatus on "Star Trek," this campy Western melodrama stars William Shatner as twin brot... Read more

White Feather (1955)

Director: Robert D Webb
Starring: Debra Paget, Jeffrey Hunter, John Lund, Robert Wagner

Accompanying an army colonel (John Lund) as the U.S. military peacefully resettles a Cheyenne tribe away from valuable Wyoming land, a land surveyor (... Read more

Wild Bill (1995)

Director: Walter Hill
Starring: Ellen Barkin, Jeff Bridges, John Hurt, Diane Lane, Marjoe Gortner, David Arquett...

Jeff Bridges stars in this look at the life of Western legend Wild Bill Hickok. In the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, Wild Bill (Bridges) must face h... Read more

Wild Wild West (1999)

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
Starring: Salma Hayek, Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh

This special effects-filled sagebrusher is based on the 60's campy television series and stars Will Smith as government agent James West, who along wi... Read more

Will Penny (1968)

Director: Tom Gries
Starring: Charlton Heston, Joan Hackett, Donald Pleasence, Lee Majors, Bruce Dern, Ben Joh...

Hollywood legend Charlton Heston stars as Will Penny, an ageing cowboy on a hard-luck streak. He's out of work, out of money, and staked out to die in... Read more

Winchester '73 (1950)

Director: Anthony Mann
Starring: James Stewart, Shelley Winters, Dan Duryea

A major western with James Stewart involved in hunting down a man and his stolen gun through a series of inter-related episodes with a great shootout... Read more

Winchester '73 (Blu-Ray) (1950)

Director: Anthony Mann
Starring: Charles Drake, Dan Duryea, James Stewart, John McIntire, Shelley Winters, Millar...

Lin McAdam (James Stewart) pursues notorious outlaw Henry "Dutch" Brown (Millard Mitchell) into Dodge City, Kansas. There, in an effort to flush out t... Read more