Australian Film

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Here we have collected all things ocker, be they movies or television. You'll find Nicole Kidman rubbing shoulders with Norman Gunston, and Judy Davis with Yahoo Serious. There's Crocodile Dundee, Barry McKenzie, Mad Max, and Kath and Kim. Drama, comedy, romance and thrillers, if it's got Bryan Brown or Jack Thompson in it, chances are this is where you'll find it! Right: Dame Edna Everidge.

Razorback (Blu-ray) (1984)

Director: Russell Mulcahy
Starring: Bill Kerr, Chris Haywood, David Argue, Gregory Harrison, Judy Morris

Somewhere deep in the Australian outback there's a marauding, indestructible creature that can rip a man in half and destroy a homestead in seconds! W... Read more

The Tender Hook (2008)

Director: Jonathan Ogilvie
Starring: Rose Byrne, Hugo Weaving, Matthew Le Nevez

The story is about Iris' rise to the apex of a love/power triangle that includes her roguish English lover McHeath and Art, an earnest young boxer. Wi... Read more

Charlie and Boots (2009)

Director: Dean Murphy
Starring: Paul Hogan, Morgan Griffin, Shane Jacobson, Roy Billing

When Charlie McFarlane (Paul Hogan) withdraws from his life after a family tragedy, his estranged son, "Boots" (Shane Jacobson), decides to drag his r... Read more

Shine (1996)

Director: Scott Hicks
Starring: Armin Mueller-Stahl, Noah Taylor, Geoffrey Rush, Lynn Redgrave, John Gielgud

Geoffrey Rush's upset win for the Best Actor Oscar was the jewel in the crown for this wonderful, moving little film portraying the torrid true story... Read more

La Spagnola (2001)

Director: Steve Jacobs
Starring: Lola Marcell, Alice Ansara, Lourdes Ansara

Quirky and energetic, "La Spagnola" is a fresh, funny, observant look at a family's inability to communicate. Using language as the key, Anna-Maria Mo... Read more

Through My Eyes (2004)

Director: Di Drew
Starring: Miranda Otto, Craig McLachlan, Shaun Micallef, Peter O'Brien

August 1980, in the heart of the Australian outback, a baby vanished into the night. A nation and then the world became fascinated by the mystery, cur... Read more

Gettin' Square (2003)

Director: Jonathan Teplitzky
Starring: Sam Worthington, David Wenham, Gary Sweet, Timothy Spall, Freya Stafford

Finally, a film that can deservedly claim to be the Aussie "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels". Barry Wirth (Sam Worthington) is fresh out of priso... Read more

1915 (1982)

Starring: Scott McGregor, Scott Burgess, Sigrid Thornton, Jackie Woodbourne, Bill Hunter,...

Boyhood friends Walter and Billy have formed a pact - if one enlists in England's war so will the other. Split between the young men as they go off t... Read more

Opal Dream (2005)

Director: Peter Cattaneo
Starring: Sapphire Boyce, Christian Byers, Vince Colosimo, Jacqueline McKenzie, Robert Mor...

8-year-old Kellyanne lives with her family in the outback opal-mining town of Lightning Ridge, where treasure-seekers live on the edge of poverty hopi... Read more

All the Rivers Run (1983)

Director: Pino Amenta, George Miller (II)
Starring: Charles Tingwell, Sigrid Thornton, John Waters (II), Diane Craig

A sweeping saga of one woman's struggle for survival. English girl Philadelphia Gordon's (Sigrid Thornton) life is turned upside down when she is ship... Read more