Q: How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb? A: The fish. Much like that joke, comedy comes down to personal taste and what one finds funny or not. Some like their humour light and frothy and very generalised, while others like it to have an edge and go for a more twisted, darker humour. The motherlode of this genre can be scrolled below. Either way, we're sure there will be something for everybody in the subsections on the left. Right: There's Something About Mary's hairdo...

Without A Clue (1988)

Director: Thom Eberhardt
Starring: Michael Caine, Ben Kingsley, Jeffrey Jones

Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley star in this revisionist comedy about what they claim is the true story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. According to... Read more

Without a Paddle (2004)

Director: Steven Brill
Starring: Seth Green, Matthew Lillard, Dax Shepard, Burt Reynolds

Following the death of their friend, pals Seth Green, Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard reunite to continue their buddy's search for the $194,000 in ran... Read more

Woman at War (2018)

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson

Halla is a 50-year-old environmental activist who crusades against the local aluminium industry in Iceland. As her actions grow bolder, her life chang... Read more

Woman Times Seven (1967)

Director: Vittorio De Sica
Starring: Shirley MacLaine, Alan Arkin, Rossano Brazzi, Michael Caine, Vittorio Gassman, P...

Vittorio De Sica directs this episodic sex comedy consisting of seven short stories each starring Shirley MacLaine. In "Funeral Possession," she plays... Read more

Women in Trouble (2009)

Director: Sebastian Gutierrez
Starring: Carla Gugino, Josh Brolin, Marley Shelton, Connie Britton, Emmanuelle Chriqui, A...

A pregnant porn star, a couple of call girls, a scorned psychiatrist, a teenage goth, a flight attendant with a crush on a famous passenger... the tro... Read more

Woochi: Goblin Wizard (2009)

Director: Dong-Hoon Choi
Starring: Dong-won Kang

Aka "Jeon Woochi: The Taoist Wizard". Begins in the Chosun Dynasty in 1509 and involves a trio of Taoist wizards, a magician named Jeon Woo-chi (Dong-... Read more

Words and Pictures (2013)

Director: Fred Schepisi
Starring: Amy Brenneman, Bruce Davison, Clive Owen, Juliette Binoche, Navid Nagahban

Jack Marcus is a seemingly washed up writer turned English professor teaching honors students. Not having published anything in years, not only is hi... Read more

World's Greatest Dad (2009)

Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Starring: Robin Williams, Daryl Sabara, Henry Simmons, Alexie Gilmore

Robin Williams stars as Lance Clayton, a man who has learned to settle. He dreamed of being a rich and famous writer, but has only managed to make it... Read more

World's Greatest Stand Up: Volume One (2006)

Starring: Dylan Moran, Mike Wilmot, Lee Evans, David Hyde Pierce, Wanda Sykes, Omid Djalil...

Recorded live at the prestigious Montreal International Comedy Festival this compilation features a eclectic mix of comedic talent from the UK, Irelan... Read more

Would I Lie To You, Again? (2001)

Director: Thomas Gilou
Starring: Richard Anconina, Bruno Solo, Jose Garcia, Gilbert Melki, Gad Elmaleh, Daniel Pr...

A more than worthy sequel to the 1997 comedy that reunites the original cast as Jewish businessmen in the rag trade. Unfortunately business is on the... Read more