Stage Beauty

Adapted from Jeffrey Hatcher's play and based loosely on the life of Ned Kynaston (Billy Crudup), a 17th century theatre star noted particularly for his female roles - it was considered unseemly for women to strut the boards. When his faithful dresser Maria (Claire Danes) stages an underground play with herself in it, King Charles II himself is taken with her performance, declaring women should play women from now on. â??Intelligent and wittyâ?|thematically rich and downright funny' â?? Empire magazine.

Year: 2004
Genre: Comedy, True Stories, Alice's Playhouse
Country: UK
Director: Richard Eyre
Starring: Billy Crudup, Claire Danes, Tom Wilkinson, Rupert Everett, Ben Chaplin, Richard Griffiths, Hugh Bonneville, Edward Fox
Duration: 110 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sexual references.
Location in store: Alice's Playhouse



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