2001 Maniacs

A kitchy, gore-soaked remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis' 1964 splatter-fest, 'Two Thousand Maniacs', sees a group of drunken students on Spring Break take a detour they'll never forget. Invited to the local barbecue by enthusiastic mayor, Robert Englund, the down-home Southern hospitality is too much to refuse, but what's on the menu? As the group disappear one by one, it soon becomes apparent what kind of dish the locals of Pleasant Valley like. Produced by genre-lover Eli Roth's production company Raw Nerve.

Year: 2004
Genre: Horror Movies, Herschell Gordon Lewis
Country: USA
Director: Tim Sullivan
Starring: Robert Englund, Lin Shaye, Giuseppe Andrews, Jay Gillespie, Marla Malcolm
Duration: 84 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains violence, horror and sex scenes.
Location in store: Horror



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