Yours, Mine and Ours

Dennis Quaid plays navy officer Frank Beardsley, a man raising his eight kids alone after his wife passed away. When he meets up with old friend Rene Russo, he feels ready to get back in the dating game, only she has ten kids of her own and blending these two very different families is going to be some feat. A remake of the 1968 Lucille Ball/Henry Fonda family comedy of the same name.

Year: 2005
Genre: Children's & Family Theatre, Dysfunctional Families
Country: USA
Director: Raja Gosnell
Starring: Dennis Quaid, Rene Russo, Rip Torn, Linda Hunt, Danielle Panabaker, Sean Faris, Katija Pevec, Dean Collins, Miki Ishikawa
Duration: 84 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level offensive language.
Location in store: Childrens/Family Theatre



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