Classic War Collection: The Way Ahead / The Flemish Farm / Appointment With Venus

'The Way Ahead' - After an infantry battalion has suffered casualties at Dunkirk, the gaps in the ranks must be filled by 'call-ups'. The men that arrive range from a boilerman and a rent collector to a nervous business man - but what will become of them? Stars David Niven as Lt Jim Perry, Stanley Holloway as Private Ted Brewer, Trevor Howard, William Hartnell and John Laurie. 'The Flemish Farm' - Based on the true story of a Belgian airman (Clifford Evans) who joined the British Air Corps at the outbreak of WWII. Feeling a need to do more than simply drop bombs he returns to his Nazi-occupied homeland to retrieve a symbolic Belgian Air Force flag he'd buried. He hides out in a farmhouse, but it's not long before the German's get wind of his presence. Made as the war was still raging this is a tense and poignant drama revealing the horror and heroism of conflict. 'Appointment With Venus' - David Niven and Glynis Johns are sent on a secret mission to rescue Venus - a prize cow vital for British morale! In fact the whole herd must be smuggled off their island home right from under the noses of their Nazi captors. This comedy war caper is based on the novel by Jerrard Tickell, in turn based on the story of the war-time evacuation of the Channell Islands. Having successfully removed all the human inhabitants, that commander declined a request to go back for the pedigree beasties.

Year: 1951
Genre: War and Anti-War Films
Country: UK
Director: Carol Reed, Jeffrey Dell, Betty E. Box
Starring: David Niven, Stanley Holloway, Trevor Howard, William Hartnell, John Laurie, Clive Brook, Clifford Evans, Glynis Johns, Kenneth More
Duration: 285 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains medium level violence.
Location in store: War



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