Susannah York received a Best Actress gong at Cannes for her portrayal of a woman descending into madness in Robert Altman's haunting drama/thriller about a couple who retreat to their country home in the hopes of healing their ailing marriage. Rene Auberjonois stars as her husband, accused of having an affair, and most at home in the countryside, following his favourite pursuits of hunting and photography; but when York starts having visions of a deceased former lover, she begins to lose track of what is real and what is fantasy.

Year: 1972
Genre: Art House Cinema, Drama, Horror Movies, Thrillers & Suspense
Country: UK, Ireland
Director: Robert Altman
Starring: Susannah York, Rene Auberjonois, Marcel Buzzuffi, Cathryn Harrison
Duration: 101 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence.
Location in store: Art House Cinema
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