From the writer and director of cult film 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch', this New York indie-style 'smart-porn' follows a group of largely non-actors, as they come to grips with the various sexual dysfunctions in their lives. Sophia is happily married but has never experienced an orgasm - and she's the couples counsellor! Jamie and James are an exclusive homosexual couple, but James wants to introduce other men into their relationship; and Severin is a dominatrix with a few secrets of her own. Winner of several international film festival prizes, this fun and sexually explicit exploration of love in the Big Apple will undoubtedly be an acquired taste.

Year: 2006
Genre: Art House Cinema, Drama, Queer Cinema, Sensual or Erotic Films, Film Festivals 2006
Country: USA
Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Starring: Sook-Yin Lee, Paul Dawson, Lindsay Beamish, PJ DeBoy, Raphael Barker, Peter Stickles
Duration: 101 Minutes
Rating: R18 - Contains explicit sex scenes.
Location in store: Art House Cinema



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