In WWII Germany, a chemical engineer and SS lieutenant is shocked to learn that the Zyklon B he helped develop to purify drinking water will be used to exterminate concentration camp inmates. After telling his story to a Jesuit priest, the pair attempt to warn the priest's Vatican superiors - and the world - of the Reich's horrific plans. Based on a true story, cinematic political suspense master Costa-Gavras' compelling drama was filmed in English and stars Ulrich Tukur, Mathieu Kassovitz and Ulrich Muhe.

Year: 2002
Genre: Thrillers & Suspense, War and Anti-War Films, True Stories
Country: France
Director: Constantin Costa-Gavras
Starring: Ulrich Tukur, Mathieu Kassovitz
Duration: 130 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level violence.
Location in store: War



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