The i Inside

A time-hopping, psychological thriller with Ryan Phillippe as Simon, who wakes up in hospital with no memory of the previous two years. When he discovers his brother is dead and that he is married to Anna (Piper Perabo), a woman he doesn't remember, he sets out to discover what has happened to him. Dreams and reality become blurred as Simon seems to travel back and forth in time, glimpsing what may be parts of his past, or perhaps just symptoms of a greater madness. Sarah Polley and Stephen Rea also star in the first English-language film from German director Roland Suso Richter ('The Tunnel').

Year: 2003
Genre: Thrillers & Suspense, Who am I? Movie Amnesia, Time Travel, Thriller & Suspense
Country: UK, USA
Director: Roland Suso Richter
Starring: Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Polley, Piper Perabo, Stephen Rea, Robert Sean Leonard, Stephen Lang, Peter Egan, Stephen Graham
Duration: 87 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains violence and offensive language.
Location in store: Thriller



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