The Amazing Mrs Pritchard

Jane Horrocks is Ros Pritchard; housewife, supermarket manager, and now, through a fortuitous confluence of events, Prime Minister of Britain. She brings a woman's touch to the top job, but soon the moral outrage that helped sweep her to power turns to an uncomfortable understanding of just how difficult it is to live in the public eye. A bouyantly scathing mini-series, set in the dubious world of British politics, from creator/writer Sally Wainwright ('At Home with the Braithwaites'). A second series had been intended, but unfortunately a low viewing audience lead to its being dropped. Janet McTeer and Steven Mackintosh also star.

Year: 2006
Genre: TV Comedy, TV Drama, Television Shows, Special Editions, Feminist Tendencies
Country: UK
Director: Simon Curtis, Declan Lowney, Catherine Morshead
Starring: Jane Horrocks, Steven Mackintosh, Jodhi May, Janet McTeer, Jemma McKenzie-Brown, Carey Mulligan, Geraldine James
Duration: 340 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains offensive language and sexual references.
Location in store: Drama (TV)


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