Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic

Experience Alan Moore's groundbreaking comic as never before in this series that puts the original artwork on-screen, adding voiceover and an original score. Watchmen illustrator Dave Gibbons oversaw this digital version of the striking graphic novel, adding new drawings to give the feel of motion, which, along with the voiceover and sound, bring the comic to life. All 12 chapters are here, roughly 5 hours worth, spanning everything from the mysterious demise of the Comedian, to the criss-crossed destinies of loosely-allied superheroes, to their fateful impact on the world. Unmissable for fans.

Year: 2008
Genre: TV Cult, Cult Animation, TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror, Avant-garde / Experimental, Comics Movies, TV & Indie Animation
Country: USA
Director: Jake S Hughes
Starring: Narrated by, Tom Stechschulte
Duration: 310 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains violence and sex scenes.
Location in store: Cult Animation



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