Crips and Bloods: Made in America

Forest Whitaker narrates this unflinching look at the bloody, decades-long war between two of L.A.'s most notorious gangs. Beginning with an illuminating look at the genesis of gang culture and its ensuing turf wars, heirarchies and gun-toting violence, this goes much deeper, revealing the individuals and families caught up in this vicious cycle from which there is often no escape other than death. Director Stacy Peralta ('Dogtown and Z-Boys') talks to current and ex-gang members, intervention experts and academics in an effort to uncover the root sources of the problem and maybe come up with some solutions.

Year: 2008
Genre: Documentaries, General Docos, Gangsters, Docos - General
Country: USA
Director: Stacy Peralta
Starring: Narrated by, Forest Whitaker
Duration: 77 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence and offensive language.
Location in store: Documentary (General)



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