I'm Reed Fish

Reed Fish (Jay Baruchel) is living the life he was meant to. He's a small-town, radio talk-back host and he's engaged to the gorgeous Kate (Alexis Bledel), but everything gets a little topsy-turvy when his high school crush comes back to town. Everyone thought Jill was at law school, but it turns out she's been waitressing and trying to get a music career off the ground - without much success. Reed encourages her to pursue that dream, but the attention he's paying Jill begins to interfere with his relationship with Kate. A quirked up rom-com that also features fine support from Katey Sagal and Chris Parnell. Writer Reed Fish (no it isn't autobiographical) has a cameo as a character named John Penner.

Year: 2006
Genre: Comedy Romance, Drama Romance, Filmmaking, Romance
Country: USA
Director: Zackary Adler
Starring: Jay Baruchel, Alexis Bledel, Victor Rasuk, Schuyler Fisk, A J Cook, Katey Sagal, Chris Parnell, Shiri Appleby
Duration: 89 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains sexual references.
Location in store: Comedy Romance



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