Self Medicated

Inspired by a true story, this riveting drama focuses on a Las Vegas teen (Monty Lapica, who also wrote and directed) who descends into a world of drug abuse after the death of his father. As his mother (Diane Verona) battles her own addiction, she gets Lapica admitted to a treatment facility that forcibly abducts him and subjects him to grueling physical and emotional strains in an effort to scare him straight. Michael Bowen, Greg Germann also star.

Year: 2005
Genre: Drama, Biography
Country: USA
Director: Monty Lapica
Starring: Diane Venora, Greg Germann, Monty Lapica, Michael Bowen, Kristina Anapau
Duration: 107 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains drug use and offensive language
Location in store: Art House Cinema



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