Them ( aka Ils )

Aka "Ils". Intense horror film in which French teacher Clementine (Olivia Bonamy) and her partner Lucas (Michael Cohen) move into a large house in the woods on the outskirts of Bucharest. Their life there is tranquil, idyllic even. Then, one evening, without warning or reason, everything changes. The telephone keeps ringing, there are distant, whispering voices on the end of the line and slowly, the couple realise they are being spied on and surrounded. When night falls, Clementine and Lucas will come up against THEM. They are everywhere, but who are they and what do they want?

Year: 2006
Genre: Horror Movies, Thrillers & Suspense, French Cinema, Film Festivals 2007
Country: France
Director: David Moreau, Xavier Palud
Starring: Adriana Mocca, Michael Cohen, Olivia Bonamy
Duration: 74 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains horror scenes. Contains violence.
Subtitles: Yes
Location in store: Foreign (France)
This DVD requires a multi-zone DVD player



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