The Eye of the Storm

In the Sydney suburb of Centennial Park, two nurses, a housekeeper and a solicitor attend to Elizabeth Hunter (Charlotte Rampling) as her expatriate son, Basil (Geoffrey Rush), and daughter, Dorothy (Judy Davis), convene at her deathbed. But in dying, as in living, Mrs Hunter remains a powerful force on those who surround her. Directed by Fred Schepisi and based on the novel by Nobel Prize winner Patrick White, "The Eye of the Storm" is a savage exploration of family relationships - and the sharp undercurrents of love and hate, comedy and tragedy, which define them.

Year: 2011
Genre: Drama, Australian Film, Film Festivals 2012
Country: Australia
Director: Fred Schepisi
Starring: Charlotte Rampling, Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis
Duration: 119 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains sex scenes.
Location in store: Australian Film



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