Charlie's Country

The great Australian Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil won the Un Certain Regard acting award at Cannes for this mesmerising performance closely reflecting his own experience. Collaborating for a third time with director Rolf de Heer  following The Tracker and Ten Canoes  he appears here in virtually every frame. Living in a small Northern Territory community, under the genially patronising eye of the local cops, Charlie heads for the bush to reconnect with traditional life. But his health is not great and illness sees him uplifted and moved to Darwin. The title resounds with irony, but the film makes its points about patrimony with quiet force: there's a bemusement in Charlie's responses to white Australian paternalism that's transcendently sane. And just watching David Gulpilil step across a clearing in the bush is to see a land rights manifesto in dancelike motion.

Year: 2013
Genre: Drama, Australian Film, Film Festivals 2014
Country: Australia
Director: Rolf de Heer
Starring: David Gulpilil, Peter Djiggir, Luke Ford
Duration: 104 Minutes
Rating: M - Adult themes
Location in store: Australian Film



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