The Curse of the Gothic Symphony

Written in the 1920s over an eight-year period by working-class English composer Brian, The Gothic Symphony has been performed less than half a dozen times in its entirety. Unable to comprehend the difficulty or the prohibitive expense any venue would face in organizing the two orchestras, four brass bands and five choirs required by the piece, the composer declared his work to be cursed. Decades later in Brisbane, classical-music buff and radio broadcaster Gary Thorpe hoped to launch an Australian performance of the symphony  the first outside Blighty. His quest lasted 28 years. Docu begins in 2005, as producer Veronica Fury, seeing that Thorpe needs all the help he can get, starts assisting him with organization and fund-raising. Once grouchy conductor John Curro and anxious choral master Alison Rogers are enlisted, it seems Thorpes dream may finally become a reality. Traveling to London, the docu observes as news of the impending production sends the oddball membership of the Havergal Brian Society all atwitter. Nevertheless, multiple variables, including the ongoing scarcity of coin, conspire to beset the proposed concert with obstacles. - Variety

Year: 2011
Genre: Australian Film, Performing Arts, General Docos
Country: Australia
Director: Randall Wood
Duration: 81 Minutes
Rating: Ex
Location in store: Performing Arts



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