King of New York (Blu-ray)

In New York, crime gets done Frank's way - or it doesn't get done at all. Recently freed from prison, Frank White (Christopher Walken) hooks up with his old crew to challenge his few fellow druglords. Each bloody battle aims at a piece of the high-priced action where being at the top of the chain can mean the difference between life and death. Unable to keep him behind bars, the cops declare war on him. Frank's answer - put a contract out on the cops. Laurence Fishburne, David Caruso, Wesley Snipes and Giancarlo Esposito also star in director Abel Ferrara's ("Bad Lieutenant") riveting and horrifyingly realistic story of one man who takes the city beyond its limits.

Year: 1990
Genre: Drama, Thrillers & Suspense, Best of the 1990s, Movies (1001 You Must See Before You Die), Blu-ray Discs
Country: USA
Director: Abel Ferrara
Starring: Christopher Walken, David Caruso, Giancarlo Esposito, Laurence Fishburne, Steve Buscemi, Wesley Snipes
Duration: 106 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains violence.
Location in store: Thriller



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