All About My Mother

When her teenage son is killed, Madrid nurse Cecilia Roth sets out to fulfill the boy's wish to find the father he never knew. Roth's quest to locate the father, last seen living as a transvestite prostitute in Barcelona, brings her into the lives of a variety of fellow 'lost souls', from an old friend and transexual hooker to a nun pregnant with the missing man's baby. Winner of the Best Foreign Film Academy Award, Pedro Almodovar's 'screwball drama' paean to motherhood (in all forms) also stars Penelope Cruz and Antonia San Juan.

Year: 1999
Genre: Alice's 500 Greatest Films, Drama, Spanish & Portuguese Cinema, Film Festivals 1999, Transvestism, Best of the 1990s, Amy's Favourites, Black Humour, Movies (1001 You Must See Before You Die)
Country: Spain
Director: Pedro Almodovar
Starring: Cecilia Roth, Penelope Cruz, Antonia San Juan
Duration: 102 Minutes
Rating: R16 - Contains sexual references.
Subtitles: Yes
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