Bless This House: Series 1, Part 1

Middle-aged Londoner Sid Abbott works as a sales rep, but spends most of his time exasperated by the antics of his two children, Mike an 18 year old unemployed art student and 16 year old school girl Sally. Sid likes nothing better than booze, birds and sleeping in on Sunday, but thanks to his teenage children and wife Jean trying to motivate him, the generation gap turns into a chasm. Sid James, star of the successful "Carry On..." film series, stars in this phenomenally popular 70's British sitcom. Running for 6 years, "Bless This House" also spawned a feature film version. Series One, Part One features the first 6 rarely seen black and white episodes, complete and uncut including original broadcast ad caps.

Year: 1971
Genre: TV Comedy, Television Shows
Country: UK
Director: William G Stewart
Starring: Sid James, Diana Coupland, Robin Stewart, Sally Geeson
Duration: 150 Minutes
Rating: PG
Location in store: Comedy (TV)



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