Television Shows

"As Seen on TV" A television movie (also TV movie, made-for-TV movie, telefilm, etc.) is a photoplay that does not normally feature in movie theatres but is produced for, and released to, television only. It is commonly considered a type of movie, but some people restrict the latter term to those that play in cinemas only. The programs listed below have all at one time or another been on the telly. Most of those great old shows are represented here, from "Green Acres" to "Absolutely Fabulous", from "Dallas" to "Six Feet Under", from "The Simpsons" to "Ren and Stimpy"..... Below is an amalgam of Alice's entire collection of "Television Shows". For more precise grazing you may find scrolling within this genre helpful. ie "TV Drama", "TV Comedy", "TV Cult", etc

Whicker's World (1969)

Director: David Greene, Michael Blakstad, Peter Robinson, Michael Deakin, Nigel Turner
Starring: Alan Whicker

For some forty years, British television pioneer Alan Whicker has roamed far and wide in search of the eccentric, the ludicrous and the socially-revea... Read more

Who Do You Think You Are?: Series 1 (2004)

Starring: David Baddiel, Jeremy Clarkson, Lesley Garrett, Ian Hislop, Sue Johnston, Bill O...

This documentary TV series follows the journeys of 10 British celebrities as they explore their family trees, uncover their family history and discove... Read more

Who Do You Think You Are?: Series 2 (2006)

Starring: Jeremy Paxman, Sheila Hancock, Stephen Fry, Julian Clary, Jane Horrocks, Gurinde...

The story of a country told through the extraordinary family histories of Britain's best-loved celebrities. Series Two offers a more in depth look at... Read more

Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Season 1 (1998)

Starring: Wayne Brady, Brad Sherwood, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Drew Carey, Greg Proops

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it just might be 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' - the series where gifted comics devise sketches, imperson... Read more

Wicked Science (2004)

Director: Jonathan M Shiff
Starring: Saskia Burmeister, Andre de Vanny, Emma Leonard, Lee Monik, Bridget Neval, Genev...

A fast-paced, action-packed family film based on the popular Australian TV show and from the makers of 'Pirate Island' and 'Ocean Girl'. Two teenagers... Read more

Wild Palms (1992)

Director: Kathryn Bigelow, Keith Gordon, Peter Hewitt, Phil Joanou
Starring: James Belushi, Dana Delany, Robert Loggia

James Belushi is a lawyer-turned-television executive whose life becomes a nightmarish power struggle involving mind control. Twenty-five years in the... Read more

Wild South: Volume 8 (2010)


Award-winning, international filmmaker NHNZ has enthralled millions of viewers for more than three decades with their documentaries. Here is Volume Ei... Read more

Wild West: Series 1 (2003)

Starring: Dawn French, Bill Bailey, Catherine Tate

A quirky comedy set in the small, picturesque yet rather odd coastal village of St Gweep, Dawn French stars as Mary Tregwednack who lives above her Po... Read more

Wilfred: Series 1 (2007)

Director: Tony Rogers
Starring: Jason Gann, Adam Zwar, Cindy Waddingham

Hilariously deadpan, this surreal Aussie comedy series features Wilfred, a dog whose owner has started a new relationship making him feel, shall we sa... Read more

Will and Grace: Season 1 (1998)

Director: James Burrows
Starring: Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally

He's a gay lawyer and she's a straight interior designer, meet Will (Eric McCormack) and Grace (Debra Messing)...they're not a couple, they're a coupl... Read more