Foreign Language Films

Possibly Alice's strongest collection are the Foreign Language Films. Here you can totally immerse yourself in a veritable feast of titles from around the globe. We have divided this section into regional categories. There are many great films to be discovered within and they make for a preferred alternative to the steady input of Hollywood fodder that generally permeates our screens. Right: The wonderful "Manon Des Sources" ("Jean de Florette" Part 2)

An Autumn Tale (1998)

Director: Eric Rohmer
Starring: Marie Riviere, Beatrice Romand, Alain Libolt

Eric Rohmer's romantic comedy concludes his film cycle "The Tales of the four Seasons". Set in Southern France, where a lonely woman (Beatrice Romand)... Read more

An Impudent Girl (1985)

Director: Claude Miller
Starring: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bernadette Lafont

13-year-old Charlotte idolizes and befriends a musical prodigy of her own age and is in turn pursued by an eager young merchant seaman. Grand performa... Read more

An Unfinished Piece For Mechanical Piano (1976)

Director: Nikita Mikhalkov
Starring: Alexander Kalyagin, Elena Solovei, Nikita Mikhalkov

From the acclaimed director of "Burnt by the Sun", a bittersweet, humourous tapestry of human folly and lost dreams, loosely based on Chekhov's first... Read more

Anatomy of Hell (2003)

Director: Catherine Breillat
Starring: Amira Casar, Rocco Siffredi

A.k.a. "Anatomie De L'Enfer". After encountering a man at a gay nightclub, a suicidal woman hires the stranger to watch her explore her sexuality over... Read more

And God Created Woman (1956)

Director: Roger Vadim
Starring: Brigitte Bardot, Curt Jurgens, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Christian Marquand

Brigitte Bardot's best known film. She plays a man teasing 18-year-old whose lustful encounters with the irresistible opposite sex are enacted out ami... Read more

And The Ship Sails On (1984)

Director: Federico Fellini
Starring: Freddie Jones, Barbara Jefford, Victor Poletti

A uniquely Felliniesque ocean voyage, circa 1914, with a journalist (Freddie Jones) acting as our host and introducing us to a variety of celebrated g... Read more

Angel Negro ( Dark Angel ) (2000)

Director: Jorge Olguin
Starring: Andrea Freund, Alvario Morales, Blanca Lewin, Juan Pablo Bastidas

Angel Cruz (Blanca Lewin) is a beautiful young student who disappears on the night of her high school graduation. Was she killed in a tragic accident... Read more

Angel-A (2005)

Director: Luc Besson
Starring: Jamel Debbouze, Rie Rasmussen, Gilbert Melki, Serge Riaboukine, Akim Chir

Luc Besson directs this uncharacteristically sparse fantasy in which a forlorn and deeply in debt Andre (Jamel Debbouze), decides to hurl himself into... Read more

Angela (2001)

Director: Roberta Torre
Starring: Donatella Finocchiaro, Andrea Di Stephano, Mario Pupella

Angela is married to Saro, and for years shares his Mafia life of drug dealing and easy money. She is his wife, his mistress and his confidante. The l... Read more

Any Way The Wind Blows (2003)

Director: Tom Barman
Starring: Diane De Belder, Frank Vercuyssen, Tom Barman

Belgian musician Tom Barman, founder of the rock band dEUS, has made a wild, ambitious debut that draws its influences from sources as varied as Woody... Read more