The Middle East meets the Wild West in this rousing actioner, loosely based on the life of 19th-century American cowboy Frank T. Hopkins. When he's invited to participate in the Ocean of Fire, a 3,000-mile horse race through the Arabian desert, the down-and-out Hopkins (Viggo Mortensen) and his mustang, Hidalgo, find themselves competing for a $10,000 prize against some of the world's finest horses and most accomplished riders. Trivia note: Mortensen felt such affinity for his horse 'Hidalgo' that when filming finished he purchased him from the owners.

Year: 2004
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Director: Joe Johnston
Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif, Said Taghmaoui, Louise Lombard
Duration: 131 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains medium level violence.
Location in store: Drama



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