Dad's Army: Series 6

The sixth series marks the beginning of the end for this classic war-time sit-com. Reduced to just seven episodes, the end of this season would see the last work of James Beck, resident cockney spiv, Private Walker, who died of a burst pancreas while filming the episode 'Things That Go Bump in the Night'. Ratings continued to fall until the show's cancellation in 1976, but that doesn't detract from the comedy gold that was Walmington-on-Sea's Home Guard.

Year: 1973
Genre: TV Comedy, Television Shows
Country: UK
Starring: Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn, Ian Lavender, John Laurie, James Beck, Arnold Ridley, Bill Pertwee
Duration: 220 Minutes
Rating: G
Location in store: Comedy (TV)



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