Dark Angel: Season 1

Max (Jessica Alba) is a beautiful, unique girl - she should be, she was designed that way. Engineered in a top secret government lab twenty years ago, Max and her genetically enhanced siblings were created to be the perfect soldiers...until they escaped. Now, ten years later, against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Seattle, Max is on a quest to reclaim her past by finding her fellow escapees. But she's not the only one looking. This four-disc set conatins the complete 21 episodes from season one.

Year: 2000
Genre: TV Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Horror, TV Thrillers, Action
Country: USA
Starring: Jessica Alba, Michael Weatherly, Alimi Ballard, Jennifer Blanc, Richard Gunn, John Savage, Hiro Kanagawa, Nana Visitor, Peter Bryant, Valarie Rae Miller
Duration: 945 Minutes
Rating: M - Contains violence and sexual references.
Location in store: Sci-fi / Fantasy (TV)



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