Bernard Shaw Collection: Vol. 1

This collection of BBC adaptations brings to life the memorable characterizations, brilliant command of language, and dazzling wit of Bernard Shaw's classic plays. Volume One includes: 'Arms and the Man' - Helena Bonham Carter stars as Raina, a romantically-inclined young Belgian girl who has her rose-tinted dreams shattered by the arrival of a Swiss soldier of fortune. A charmingly ludicrous look at the misconceptions of love and war. 'The Man of Destiny' (1981) - Starring Simon Callow this lighthearted comedy set in 1796 in Northern Italy, features a battle of wits between Napoleon Bonaparte and a mysterious woman who has stolen his documents. 'The Devil's Disciple' (1987) - Set in New Hampshire in 1777, Dick Dudgeon's father has died and he must now return home to the family he rebelled against. Much to the horror of his religious mother, and himself, he is named heir. And just to complicate things further the British are in town preparing for an execution. 'Mrs Warren's Profession' (1972) - Written in 1893, though not performed until 1902 due to government censorship, 'Mrs Warren's Profession' scandalized Victorian England. This BBC production stars Coral Browne, Penelope Wilton and Robert Powell. 'You Never Can Tell' (1977) - Robert Powell stars in the story of Mrs Landfrey and her three children who return to England after 18 years abroad only to become entangled in a series of comic events following a reunion with their traditionalist father.

Year: 1989
Genre: TV Drama, Based on..., Alice's Playhouse, Television Shows, Deluxe Box Sets, George Bernard Shaw
Country: UK
Director: David Jones, Desmond Davis, Herbert Wise, James Cellan Jones
Starring: Coral Browne, Penelope Wilton, James Grout, Derek Godfrey, Robert Powell, Helena Bonham Carter, Patsy Kensit, Dinsdale Landen, Ian Richardson, Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Spriggs, Mike Gwilym, Simon Gallow, Delphine Seyrig
Duration: 513 Minutes
Rating: PG - Contains low level violence.
Location in store: Alice's Playhouse



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