Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The

From Charles Dickens' classic novel: The death of their father has thrown the Nickleby family into chaos. They are forced to beg for protection from Mr Nickelby's wealthy brother, Ralph Nickelby, a cruel and vengeful man with no regard for his relations. Nicholas is despatched to teach at a boarding school while his beautiful sister Kate is dangled before rich aristocrats. But with a helping hand from that truly Dickensian character, the benevolent stranger, Nicholas manages to find his way to true love and happiness in spite of his uncle's machinations and the worst intentions of a variety of comic characters.

Year: 2000
Genre: TV Drama, Television Shows, Charles Dickens
Country: UK
Director: Stephen Whittaker
Starring: Charles Dance, James D'Arcy, Pam Ferris, Gregor Fisher
Duration: 194 Minutes
Rating: PG - Scary scenes and mild language
Location in store: Drama (TV)
This DVD requires a multi-zone DVD player



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